Ritmo latino en la cara Oeste

Ritmo latino en la cara Oeste

While the Alpinistic world questions the ethics of Cerro Torre, six friends have fun doing what they do best: Macanas!!!

Two parallel stories, the Musicians on one side and the climbers on the other. The former dream of recording a video clip in the “Circo de los Altares”, an incredible natural setting at the foot of the west face of Cerro Torre. Due to the difficulty of getting there, the musicians debate whether to play live or record by lip-syncing. At the same time, the climbers make their ascent of the west face of Cerro Torre through the natural route opened in 1974 by the Ragni di Lecco.

This film ironically poses the ethics of today’s mountaineering in its most symbolic destination, Cerro Torre.

Watch the full movie:

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