El Chaltén 2011

I was finally making a longly expected trip with my girlfriend Ivi to El Chaltén, in southern Patagonia Argentina. As soon as we came down of the bus, I was amazed by the perfection and beauty of the Mount Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre.

I had never seen such magnificent creation of nature, standing there as two giants watching over this amazing little town.

These are the pictures I took on that first trip, taken with an iPhone 3Gs, and using CrossProcess effect. Hope you like it!

Glaciar Perito Moreno

Ranger´s headquarters

Viedma lake seen from Viedma Glacier

Crazy forest walking toward Huemul Glacier

Huemul Glacier near Lago del Desierto

Far away from home...

Mount Fitz Roy seen from Laguna Capri

Reaching Lago de los Tres (Lake of the three)

Looking back from Lago de los Tres (Viedma lake far away)

Nothing like a good read before sleeping

Walking form Poincenot basecamp to D´Agostini basecamp

Lonely walking in El Chalten

Reaching D´Agostini basecamp (Fitz Roy river on the left)

Laguna Torre, with Cerro Torre in the distance

Great work guys...